Pickup truck for dirt

Pickup truck for dirtMazda continues to break stereotypes and to impress the buyers. Her new pickup BT-50 is designed not so much for farming purposes, but for active recreation and entertainment. Now this is quite a youth car. Although transporting building materials to the country it is still possible.The purpose of pickup trucks - cars with the body is to serve small businesses in the city and help the farmer in the village. To better solve the transport problem has always been equipped with a real four-wheel drive. However, sales of these machines stable, almost is not exceeded in Europe during the best times of 1 million pieces per year. Читать полностью -->

Honda S2000 CR Prototype will soon be for sale in the United States

Honda S2000 CR Prototype will soon be for sale in the United States Presented at the international motor show in new York, Honda S2000 CR Prototype will be sold in the US in the autumn of 2007.This model is a special equipment Honda S2000. As reported topspeed.com the body design has been completely redesigned in order to maximize the potential S2000 on the race track.Factory tuning of the Roadster includes a sport suspension settings, short-stroke 6-sturenkatu transmission, greater strength of body and chassis, reducing the total weight and excellent aerodynamics. Aluminum hardtop replaces a soft convertible top.Under the hood S2000 CR Prototype hides the engine has a displacement of 2.2 liters, equipped with a proprietary system VTEC, due to which its output is 237 HP (174 kW) 7 800 rpm and a maximum torque of 108 kg-m (220 Nm) at 6 800 R/minsteer.ru09.08.2007. . . . Читать полностью -->

Audi TT 3.2 DSG is for the true fanatics

Audi TT 3.2 DSG is for the true fanatics This car is kept steadily in the leading group among urban sports coupe. The values in this unique class is slightly deformed, and it's not so important the best laps on a race track, it is more valuable to look good and on demand as quickly as possible to move the holder within the Garden ring.Perhaps, in such pleasures Audi TT virtually knows no equal. Earlier in our field of vision has got the most simple modification 2.0 TFSI, and now we talked with version 3.2 DSG, then found out one interesting fact - the older version is superior colleague almost everything, except the equally stunning design. And the reason there is not even a full drive, which it is equipped. Just sounds 2.0 TFSI not so severe, not going so quickly, and managed not so delicately: well, except that it is slightly cheaper.The scenery outside the window reminds whatever, but not the winter, and even in January the snow desperately does not want to stay on earth. Last year he was much better, so that conditions for the tests all the qualities of a 250-horsepower all-wheel drive coupe was what I needed. Читать полностью -->

Mercedes ML - sucks or not?

Mercedes ML - sucks or not?Old Mercedes-Benz M-class in due time received a lot of criticism from fans of the cars with the three-pointed star on the bonnet. Could the new M-class to become better or it still is the most unfortunate Mercedes? Will check.The previous M-class was, how would it mildly: Yes let's not be so harsh - it was a crappy machine. If you compare it with any Hyundai or Chevrolet, M-class, of course, looked very good. But here's the real Mercedes-Benz, which should arouse awe, he was not. The old M-class were too simple for his beauty, made of inexpensive materials, and that's too bad, there are many questions as to the quality of this model! The latter is clearly not typical for Mercedes-Benz, but the fact remains (read more about the problems of the previous generation M-class, you can read the heading of `Second hand` material `Mercedes M-class. To buy or not?`). Читать полностью -->

American cars will be sent for recycling

American cars will be sent for recyclingFord jointly with General Motors and Chrysler is working to create cars and SUVs, all items which can be used for recycling. Automakers hope that such machines will appear in the next few years.Note that currently, about 85 percent of all cars Ford can be used for processing. In addition, recycled Americans do body panels, mudguards and fan shroud cooling system of the engine.Ford also plans to create a car body panels will be made from a mixture of hemp fiber with polypropylene, writes St. Petersburg.ru.auto.utro.ru26.12.2007. . . Читать полностью -->

Volkswagen to recall 27 thousand diesel Jetta and Golf Variant

Volkswagen to recall 27 thousand diesel Jetta and Golf Variant Volkswagen recalls worldwide 27 thousand Jetta sedans and station wagons Golf Variant, according to the website PR-inside.com with reference to the statement by the German automaker. All vehicles identified a defect in the ground wiring of the heating system, which can overheat and lead to fire.Replacement of defective items will be made only on diesel versions of cars that were released in Mexico in the period from 8 January 2007 to 9 January 2008.Model VW Golf Variant officially in Russia is not included and will affect whether a review "Russian" Jetta is not yet known.auto.lenta.ru25.01.2008. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Updated Ford Fiesta will show in Frankfurt

Updated Ford Fiesta will show in Frankfurt Ford has begun to test the updated generation models Ford Fiesta, the premiere is scheduled for autumn this year. As expected, the new show at the car show in Frankfurt, and it will differ slightly upgraded exterior and interior trim, as well as a number of technical changes.Judging by the spy photos published by Auto Motor und Sport, the updated Fiesta will get a new head optics and grille, new tail lights, and also some other plastic front bumper. Small changes will occur in interior decoration. As expected, the interior will now be used mainly in two-tone combinations, and the materials themselves will become better and more expensive.However, it is not clear exactly what will change in the technical stuffing updated Ford Fiesta. It is assumed that there will be a bit tweaked the range of engines, transmission and chassis are easy upgrades.Note also that the update will affect not only the model Fiesta and Ford Fusion built on the same platform. New products on sale will appear immediately after the official premiere.29.06.2005. Читать полностью -->

Western Europeans are far from snobbery

Western Europeans are far from snobbery They are happy to buy cars that are destined for developing countries. For Example, Logan.Popular Russian Internet source "due" published a very interesting and if you want a landmark for the Russians information. Unexpected, and most importantly, unctuous surprise your manufacturer, to the concern "Renault", presented model Logan. As you remember, its production was maximized belongs to the French conglomerate company in Romania.To the great surprise of leadership, "Renault", simpleton Logan was extremely popular not only in "underdeveloped" countries (which, in fact, and was prepared), but in France itself. The manufacturer claims that during the 17 months of the existence of a compact family sedan at a price of 7500 euros in France acquired about 10,000 supporters. According to the French analysts, if this goes on, in the next years budget model will be able to grab 5% of the French market. Читать полностью -->

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