Rumors about the revival of the Alfa Romeo Duetto was confirmed

Rumors about the revival of the Alfa Romeo Duetto was confirmedFor anybody not a secret that some of the cars in the minds of people tightly associated with art. Although I must admit that is really outstanding cars themselves are part of the art. In order to create them, you have to be not just an engineer or designer. You have to be a Creator:For instance, when referring to an Aston Martin, I recall a couple of movies of James bond. While the idea of Mini, evokes the lyrical mood of the movie Michael Caine `Italian Job`.If you ask the boss of the Italian automaker Alfa Romeo Antonio Baravalle about his cherished desire, then no doubt he will want to return to the road car Alfa Duetto. By the way, the car has gained worldwide popularity after the movie `The Graduate` 1967 with Dustin Hoffman.Alfa Duetto is a sporty, yet affordable Roadster, the production of which dates back to 1966 and, after several upgrades, ended in 1994.This model Alfa Romeo plan as soon as possible to increase their sales at the expense of youth, which, no doubt, will satisfy the new masterpiece from the Italian creators.carsguru.ru06.10.2007. Читать полностью -->

Audi has officially unveiled the new A4 wagon

Audi has officially unveiled the new A4 wagon On Wednesday, the company Audi has extended the first official information about the modifications the new generation model A4 - machine with a wagon body, which was the traditional name for Avant. For the first time this car will be presented at the upcoming motor show in Geneva, opening in early March this year.Compared with its predecessor, the overall length of the wagon Audi A4 has increased by almost 12 inches and is 4.7 meters. The weight of the car has decreased by ten percent due to the application of the design of lighter materials. The Luggage compartment of the new items in the normal state is equal to 490 litres, and with the rear seats folded - 1430 liters. It is worth noting that the previous A4 Avant, these same figures were 442 and 1184 liter, respectively.For Audi A4 Avant will be offered in two petrol engine: 160-horsepower turbocharged engine capacity of 1.8 liter and 3.2-liter V6 rated at 265 horsepower. For wagon gamma engines includes engines with a volume of two and three liters, the first of which will be available in two capacity variants - 143 and 170 horsepower (maximum torque of 320 and 350 Nm, respectively). Читать полностью -->

New compact monocab Citroen will show in Paris

New compact monocab Citroen will show in Paris British magazine AutoExpress has published spy photos of the new compact odnoobemnik Citroen, based on the C3 family. The premiere of the car, the exact name of which is not yet known, will take place in October this year at the international motor show in Paris.The novelty is built on the upgraded platform PF1, which is already used for Peugeot 207, and the appearance is made in the style of a compact MPV Citroen C4 Picasso and Citroen C3 hatchback. The range of engines of this car appears 1.6-litre petrol engine and the turbo volume of 1.4 and 1.6 liters, paired with either a manual transmission or with the "robot" SensoDrive. In addition, the new model Citroen will receive automatic stopping and starting of the engine, improving fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.The sale of this car will begin early next year. Competition new compact monocab Citroen will be Opel Meriva, Nissan Note and Renault Modus. Experts of the magazine AutoExpress assume that the cost of the car in Europe will be about 12 thousand Читать полностью -->

A list of the most stolen cars in Moscow RSS

A list of the most stolen cars in Moscow RSS On an average day in the capital, stealing about 40 cars in the suburbs half. In total for the first half was stolen 1 700 cars VAZ, and the most popular of these models: 2112, 21099, 2115, VAZ 2109 2110 and.Statistics indicates that the summer takes on average 15% more car theft, for example, than in winter. So for the period from 1 may to 1 August 2006 in Moscow was stolen 3 683 machine, which is about 1 200 per month. In winter, the figure was about 1 000 cars.Here are the most recent data on the `popularity` of cars in Moscow hijackers (for the first half of 2006):Among the new machines (including theft)1. VAZ 2112 - 1742. VAZ 21099 - 1493. Читать полностью -->

BMW X5 M has declassified

BMW X5 M has declassified The SUV Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes ML63 AMG will soon be a serious competitor - the new BMW X5 m Car without camouflage was removed during the tests on the snowy highway.BMW X5 M is equipped with a V8 engine displacement 4.4 l, which produces about 500 "horses". Up to hundreds of car accelerates in about 5 seconds. The long-awaited "charged" SUV will arrive on the market this year.The novelty will receive not only an updated design, unusual for the previous X5 - large front air intakes, rectangular exhaust pipes, etc. Improvements will also cover the technical aspects, in particular, suspension and braking systems.In Europe, BMW X5 M will cost around $90 . . Читать полностью -->

Nissan and Mazda recalled cars Japan

Nissan and Mazda recalled cars JapanNissan recalls in Japan 113 thousand Serena van, the Associated Press reports. The action affects the vehicles produced from April 2005 to August 2006.Reason for the withdrawal was detected in these cars premature corrosion of the exhaust pipe. In the worst case this can lead to the fact that the exhaust pipe will fall off. Is already known about 46 such cases. Nissan Serena was sold exclusively in Japan, the company said.Also in Japan respond 4300 commercial vehicles Mazda Bongo, have a defect in the control unit transmission. When that device inoperable transmission stop switch. Читать полностью -->

Volvo is preparing a replacement model S60

Volvo is preparing a replacement model S60 Internet publication published pictures of the car, which presumably is the next generation Volvo S60. According to the publication, now the novelty passes the test on the roads of Sweden.It is expected that a new generation of vehicles will have the engine 275 horsepower. Like the previous model, the new car will be available in front-wheel and all-wheel drive variants.Earlier it was reported that Ford, which owns the Swedish brand Volvo, intends to create a replacement model S60. For its size, the S60 sedan will be too close to the cars S40 next generation, which is expected in 2009.In addition to the new S40 and S60 Volvo is preparing two more novelties. They will be compact crossover XC 50 and the car-class Golf Volvo C30. Official information about the future model S60 has not yet been reported.The ribbon.rudated 25.05.2006. Читать полностью -->

Due to the purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover investors Tata quit

Due to the purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover investors Tata quit Investors, India's largest automaker Tata Motors after the statements made by the company of its intention to buy British brands Jaguar and Land Rover began to sell their shares in the Corporation. Currently, 99 percent of its shares in Tata has already sold the Director-General of the Singapore company Aquarius Investment Advisors Pte Tiaga Ryan (Thiyaga Rajan), but what service shares he owned is not specified. Also their shares in Tata sold by Alliance Bernstein Japan Ltd. and Waddell & Reed Financial Inc, engaged in consulting on investment. It is reported by Bloomberg.According to the Agency, the investors sell their shares in Tata is associated with a sharp decline in their value. For example, after 3 January, when Ford announced that the Indian automaker is the main contender for the purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover, the share prices of Tata declined by 11 percent. Читать полностью -->

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