Toyota Racing Development has proposed a tuning package for Toyota Auris

Toyota Racing Development has proposed a tuning package for Toyota AurisThe division of Toyota - TRD (Toyota Racing Development) involved in finalizing the only Japanese cars of this brand offered sports styling package for the latest Toyota Auris hatchback, which was launched just a few days ago. Recall that the Auris is the successor model of the Toyota Corolla, and should appear on sale in Europe in spring 2007.Developed by TRD for Auris styling-set includes a sports bodykit body, with a distinctive spoiler on the edge of the front bumper, new front bumper body and a small spoiler on the rear edge of the door. In addition, the Japanese offer to install a new stylish two-tone grille and signature wheels dimensions 17 inches. Finally, the Auris will provide lowered suspension, more powerful stabilizer bar and new exhaust system.Later Toyota Racing Development promises to provide a set of modifications for engines installed on Auris, as well as to offer customers new, more powerful brakes and a new interior . . Читать полностью -->

Sales hatchback Lada Kalina in Germany will begin in may-June

Sales hatchback Lada Kalina in Germany will begin in may-June In may-June in Germany, the start of sales of Lada Kalina with hatchback body (VAZ 1119), which appeared in Russia in the middle of last year. According to PRIME-TASS, the representatives of AVTOVAZ announced at the motor show in Leipzig.Now officially sold in Germany sedans Lada Kalina (VAZ 1118), the cost of which starts from 8 290 thousand euros. In addition, German customers can buy SUVs Lada Niva (10 990 thousand euros) and the machine "tenth" family (8 760 thousand euros). Engines all models destined for Europe, comply with environmental standards "Euro-4".It is expected that after the hatchback AVTOVAZ will ship to Germany station wagons Lada Kalina, mass production in Russia will start in 2008. Just AVTOVAZ plans to export 20 percent of cars produced Kalina, including supplies to the countries of the former USSR.lenta.ru19.04.2007. . Читать полностью -->

City BMW will appear in 2015

City BMW will appear in 2015BMW refuses project create a new city car, which will compete with Smart. However, if all were confident that this model will appear in the next three years, but now the timing of the production of the smallest BMW postponed to 2015.According to the head of BMW Norbert Reithofer, the project `Mega City` really exists. It provides for the creation of a fundamentally new car on which you could drive around large cities. This next machine will have several peculiarities. It should be safe, economical and, of course, convenient for people. `This machine will be a completely new design, which we will begin to equip not only the usual internal combustion engine, and an electric motor,` said Norbert Reithofer in an interview with German newspaper Die Zeit.Recall that in the middle of the last century BMW has released microassembl called Isetta. Читать полностью -->

Chevrolet did Captiva sports

Chevrolet did Captiva sports Chevrolet has announced the release of the sports version of its big 7 seater Captiva crossover. This car was named Captiva Sport, and from the production models, it will be different to other aerodynamic bodywork, stylish 18-inch wheels, tinted front and rear lights and leather trim in the cabin. In General, externally Captiva Sport looks much nicer than the usual Captiva. But from a technical point of view, anything athletic in Captiva Sport will not. The machine will be equipped with gasoline engine V6 capacity of 3.2 liters (227 HP) and 150-horsepower diesel engine capacity of 2.0 litersauto.mail.ru01.12.2007. . Читать полностью -->

Invented the super-intelligent tires

Invented the super-intelligent tires American scientists have developed new tires, which will always be to inform the driver about his condition. New wheels are not only able to control the pressure drop, but also to monitor the balancing, the angles, the appearance of cuts or jumping `cones`. In addition, these tires will be able to determine the temperature of the roadway and the appearance on the pavement of ice. According to the inventors of new wheels, they managed to ensure that the whole tire is a single sensor that can monitor any changes in his condition.When smart tires will go on sale while it is difficult to say. Most likely, it will happen in the next 2-3 . Читать полностью -->

BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo. Again something `new`

BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo. Again something `new`BMW came up with another class car, and its first representative was the model 5-Series Gran Turismo. Representatives of Bavarian companies talk about the Association in the same vehicle characteristics prestige saloon, a modern sports crossover and a classic Gran Turismo. For all other novelty resembles this fashionable now among producers of premium cars `four-door coupe`.Inside, the BMW 5-Series Gran Turismo confirms the title of one of the most spacious cars in its segment. An excellent overview for the driver, large Windows for passengers on the rear seats were given the same legroom as in the BMW 7 Series, and the same ceiling height as in the BMW X5. Each of the two rear seats separated by a large armrest, can independently from each other to move forward to 100 mm, This allows you to increase the volume of the Luggage compartment from 440 to 590 litres and with the seats folded, the volume increases to 1 700 litres.carpark.ru25.05.2009. Читать полностью -->

New Daimler will appear in dealer showrooms in the fall

New Daimler will appear in dealer showrooms in the fall The extended version of the Jaguar XJ in the Deluxe version will be sold under the brand name Daimler. The premiere of the car will take place at the Frankfurt motor show in September. Under the hood Daimler Super Eight 4.2-liter V8, which accelerates the car to 100 km/h in 5.3 seconds. The vehicle interior trimmed in leather and inlays of rare wood. Outwardly Daimler Super Eight can be distinguished by modified grille and plenty of chrome. Approximate machine price - $180 thousandThe rights to the brand Daimler Jaguar acquired in 1960 and until 2002 was sold under this name exclusive versions of their models. Читать полностью -->

The BMW concept CS will go into series production

The BMW concept CS will go into series productionThe German company BMW will most likely be decided on serial production of the car based on the concept CS. About Automotive News said the Executive Director of the American division of BMW Tom Pervs (Tom Purves). Previously, as reported by the German magazine Auto Bild, the automaker did not plan that the car will be assembled in series."Our dealers really like this car. The representatives of the mass media, he also fell in love, said So Pervs. "We hope that consumers will cause the same emotions".The novelty is based on the concept CS, as expected, will be of interest to lovers of luxury models. There are suggestions that the serial version of CS will produce as BMW 8 series.Рђutonews07.06.2007. Читать полностью -->

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